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Getting research on WiredRed is easy! See below for what newspapers, technical journals and magazines are saying about our e/pop products, many articles have interviews and quotes from customers that use e/pop every day.

Recent news is at the top, and the archive link at the bottom leads to an index of background news, articles and reports. In addition, research notes are available to subscribers of Wainhouse, Gartner, Frost & Sullivan and others.

July, 2007
The Courts Today Magazine cover story is about video conferencing in courts, prisons and remote district offices. It covers the e/pop video arraignment application at the 14th Judicial District, Louisiana. Please see June/July 2007 issue. Print only.

April, 2007
Fanshawe Connects to the World Through WiredRed [e/pop] Technology. This article covers the distance learning, administrative and satellite campus goals of its e/pop installation. Links to another story cover Fanshawe’s use of e/pop as a live back-channel for Internet radio broadcasting. “With the aid of WiredRed technology, the college is able to offer high quality, easy-to-use video conferencing to anyone with access to a computer and an internet browser.” (article)

April, 2007
Getting a Bigger Picture. This article reviews several university video conferencing installations, including e/pop at Minnesota State University, Mankato. "I do everything that I would in person, says Loretta DeLong, associate professor in the Leadership Program. Her experience is really the goal of all video conferencing and web conferencing solutions.” (article)

February, 2007
Talking Virtual Reality - HD Tools, Desktop Software Take Conferencing by Storm. The Utah Department of Natural Resources has been using the hosted version of e/pop at 10 of its 12 widely dispersed offices since August of last year to avoid travel costs, according to public affairs spokesman Jason Curry. Article includes industry round-up. (article)

February, 2007
Real ROI: A discount vacation firm finds training heaven on the Web. Cruise.com knows the value of the web when it comes to conducting business. With agents spread across the United States, the decision was made to incorporate web conferencing as the means by which to hold new agent training classes. e/pop had all the features required for efficient training purposes, including application and desktop sharing, remote control, and VoIP audio. (article)

November, 2006
In the loop: The best collaboration comes in integrated packages. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s Environmental Compliance Office, for example, uses the e/pop hosted web conferencing services from WiredRed Software of San Diego to help develop geographic information software. (article)

October, 2006
Increase Efficiency With Web and Video Conferencing. The ability to utilize standard web browsers, off-the-shelf web cameras and existing network infrastructure has accelerated the popularity and growth of web and video conferencing. (article)

October 2006
Louisiana courts chooses lower-cost videoconferencing option. A Louisiana state court has replaced a hardware-based videoconferencing system with a software solution that uses workaday PCs. The 14th Judicial District Court installed WiredRed’s e/pop Video Conferencing software for video arraignment and assignment-of-counsel proceedings.

October 2006
The 14th Judicial District and Lake Charles City Court in Lake Charles, LA recently has come up with a new, efficient way to conduct arraignments. The Court recently began using WiredRed’s e/pop web and video conferencing software, which essentially links it to local jails for video arraignments. (article)

October 2006
Why travel when you can attend a web conference? Traveling nowadays is a real bummer. Packed planes, long delays and carry-on limitations can make every travel day a bad day. So why bother to travel at all? An increasing number of engineers have turned to general purpose Web conferencing tools to meet online and replace at least some visits to far-flung design and manufacturing teams. ... Engineers at Ryobi Die Casting have likewise decided to use Web conferencing, in this case the e/pop system from WiredRed Software. (article)

September 2006
Videoconferencing aids Hawaii in emergency preparedness. The Hawaii Department of Defense, Civil Division, recently began using a video conferencing system from WiredRed to aid public information officers in effectively communicating in a crisis. (Print edition only, for full text, please refer to Government Video, September 2006, Vol. 17, #10).

September 2006
Minnesota State University taps web conferencing software. The Department of Education at Minnesota State University Mankato has integrated WiredRed’s e/pop Web Conferencing into its administrator and initial licensure programs to reduce time and cost needed for travel. (article)

July 2006
Cruise.com: Using Web Conferencing Technology for Training. For Cruise.com, the business continuity and the cost-savings benefits of bringing their Web conferencing application in-house was the right decision.

June 2006
In the eye of the storm - Videoconferencing via the Web aids Hawaii disaster response. With e/pop, other PIOs [Public Information Officers] can see who’s logged on and set up an instant teleconference. Using inexpensive Web cams, they’re able to see each other, engage in conversation and collaborate on press releases, talking points for agency officials, PowerPoint presentations and other documents. (article)

June 2006
Meeting Business Communications Challenges Head-On. What, approximately 10 years ago, could be accomplished in a hardware-based video conferencing system, costing between $20,000 and $50,000, has now made it to the desktop. With equal, if not better video and sound quality, boardroom-quality video and Web conferences can now be conducted utilizing a standard desktop PC and any Web camera. (article)

June 2006
Video Transformation. More contractors are turning to Web-based conferencing technology to help reduce the costs and other challenges associated with gathering personnel from around the country for a meeting. … We chose (technology from WiredRed) because it met all of our needs, including ease-of-use, low cost of ownership, easy deployment and management, and it fits nicely with our corporate culture of team involvement. Now, anyone in the company or customers for that matter, are just a mouse click away. (article)

June 2006
Spanning Spaces at Hawaii Pacific University. We determined that it was more viable to purchase, install, and manage our own Web conferencing software rather than depend on a managed service, so we sought a solution that was affordable, easy to install, and easy to use....HPU’s costs have been reduced 50 percent for just remote control and, since we own the e/pop application, we now offer its entire feature set to other departments.

May 2006
Training Made Easy. John Smith, an IT training specialist for Florida Rock Industries, says web conferencing has pretty much eliminated the need for him to travel for short training sessions. “Why fly or drive for hours for a one-hour training session,” he asks.

February 2006
e/pop Web Conferencing Gets Cast in Concrete at Tindall. Video adds to the richness of e/pop Web Conferencing and the interactive meeting environment.  We always have video running to see the other meeting attendees; it just sets a more interactive tone to the meetings. We feel like we're closer together, and everyone who contributes to the meeting can go away assured that they were heard.

November 2005
Instant Messaging: Solving the Security Problem. IM offers real-time communication between partners and their receptionists, a back-channel during teleconferences plus many other benefits for attorneys. But what about security? One approach is to use an internal, secure IM system with the server behind the firm's firewall.

September 2005
Overall, we found WiredRed's e/pop straightforward, elegant and easy to use. WiredRed is more effective as a collaborative tool with multipoint video and VOIP than other products that are focused on one-to-many presentations.

August 2005
Real-time communications vendor Wiredred last week integrated its web and videoconferencing software with Microsoft's Office applications. . . . WiredRed is ahead of the game when it comes to multipoint capabilities integrated with Office and totally ahead if you want to run that application behind your firewall. (article)

August 2005
Web Conferencing Made Easy. The new version of e/pop will allow users to launch Web conferences from within Microsoft Corp.'s suite of Office applications. Mark Epstein, director of IT for the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, said that integration with Microsoft Office applications could make the Web conferencing tool "more convenient" to launch meetings, but he added that "it's already pretty darn easy to use." The company, based in Jamaica Plain, Mass., uses the tool to conduct regular meetings with its employees, who are dispersed across 30 offices. (article)

August 2005
Concrete Company Trades Travel for Web Meetings Tindall Corp. needed to reduce travel time and expenses while still encouraging employee collaboration. The solution: e/pop Web Conferencing, which promises to save the company tons. (article)

July 2005
From a business perspective, the management features of e/pop are its strength. The two standout areas are user management and security. (article)

June 2005
The Ministry of the Attorney General opted for a secure, one-way, real-time alert messaging tool from the e/pop product line of WiredRed Software Corp. of San Diego. . . . Mufti is impressed with WiredRed's one-way messaging system, which was chosen following a two-month search. After testing each demo, he discovered e/pop had the smallest footprint in the OS, the slightest memory usage, the least disruption to users and the quickest updates. (article)

May 2005
For instance, Barr Management uses WiredRed's e/pop enterprise IM product to broadcast alerts on network outages, new company procedures – in essence, information that must be distributed quickly to hundreds of employees. It is particularly useful in sales organizations such as brokerages and energy firms, where reacting quickly to rapid price fluctuations can mean a profit or loss for the companies involved. But these environments also require a secure system, and e/pop's private, secure architecture was a big selling point to Jon Klein, a vice president and general manager at the Chicago, IL, check cashing firm with 48 locations.

May 2005
e/pop Professional v3.0 wins CMP Network Computing Magazine's 2005 Well Connected Award for Enterprise Instant Messaging at Networld+InterOp ceremony. e/pop scored the win against competing products by Sun and Microsoft. “The Well-Connected Awards are the only industry awards given by technologists based on real-world product testing and evaluation. These awards take the pulse of the technology industry and reflect the best of what IT has to offer,” said Fritz Nelson, VP and Group Publisher of Network Computing. (article)

April 2005
Employee interest in the technology also resulted in the implementation of an internal IM application at Golf Savings Bank, which operates eight branch offices throughout Washington. ... Fortier [Jane Fortier, Golf's vice president of IT] conducted her own research and testing and found that San Diego-based WiredRed's e/pop solution met her requirements for scalability, speed, performance and security. Golf began a trial at a single branch in March 2003 and rolled out the solution enterprise wide the following June with very little modification. (article)

March 2005
Vice President and General Manager Jon Klein decided that Web conferencing would greatly enhance the company’s ability to train affiliates, customers and vendors located around the country. The software’s real-time routing platform delivers the entire conference session over a single port and TCP/IP connection. This allows Barr to secure the entire rich-media experience of all Web conferencing features combined without a reduction in performance. (article)

March 2005
Oxford Global Resources Chooses WiredRed's e/pop Web Conferencing to Cut Costs on Employee Training, Sales Meetings and Company Orientations. "e/pop Web Conferencing enables our training staff to work with all of our remote offices, yet it brings a true interactive learning environment to the training session." (article)

December 2004
Florida Rock employed the simple technology of instant messaging (IM) in order to push vital information in front of its dispatchers. Yet, using a public IM service wouldn't suffice because there was the possibility of exposing vital order and customer information over the public server. Instead, the company deployed an application called e/pop from communication technology vendor WiredRed, www.wiredred-epop.com, which helps dispatchers receive change orders in real-time.

September 2004
After about a week of implementation time in October 2003, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's Administration for Children and Families was up and running with WiredRed's e/pop Alert software. "We bought it for emergency-type messages," he [IT Specialist Kevin Fine] said. "With it, we can instantly broadcast a message to all our PCs. Think of it as an electronic PA system." (article)

September 2004
After putting our seven contestants through the wringer, we awarded our Editor's Choice to WiredRed's e/pop Professional for its superior security capabilities, user interface, reporting and features(article)

August 2004
The ability to “start simple” with the like of an alert or chat session and then escalate the encounter to a fully interactive conference—with multi-point and bandwidth-friendly data, audio, video and web conferencing—is of significant benefit to the end user and the organization as a whole. (article)

August 2004
After evaluating various enterprise IM options, Golf Savings Bank selected WiredRed's e/pop, especially because of its ability to work via Frame Relay, which the bank uses to connect all of its offices' LANs. One side benefit of an enterprise IM system, besides the ability to secure and log all messages, is it can maintain internal communications even when e-mail is down.

August 2004
Web conferencing software provider WiredRed has released an XML-based SDK (article)

July 2004
WiredRed Software...now offering an XML-based web services software interface for its e/pop Web Conferencing software. (story)

Channel Zone
July 2004
Another strong contender is WiredRed Software Corp. WiredRed offers e/pop Secure Instant Messaging. This is a corporate-only IM product. I give it high marks for both security and ease of administration. If your customer wants an IM approach that's confined with the corporate LAN, WiredRed deserves your consideration.

June 2004
"R U Ready? Presence Management In Today's IP-Based World," By Allen Drennan, WiredRed CTO, and David Coleman, Chief, Analyst, Collaborative Strategies. (article)

May 2004
e/pop makes Gartner Web Conferencing Magic Quadrant, May 2004.  WiredRed is a forward looking hybrid of presence based IM and Web conferencing -- a direction that is becoming a trend.   (report)

April 2004
WiredRed appears technology proficient, innovative, and nimble; their customer list is impressive. Wainhouse Research, Rich Media Conferencing Report 2004.  (report)

PC Magazine
May 4, 2004
A Virtual Room of One's Own. (story)

April 19, 2004
Network Computing names e/pop Professional to 2004 Well Connected Awards Finalists. WiredRed Software, Sun Microsystems and IBM Lotus vie for Corporate Instant Messaging Solution, Business Applications. (finalists)

March 5, 2004
Cool Looking Product: WiredRed Software's e/pop Web Conferencing. A significant product came to the enterprise conferencing market in December. WiredRed's (www.wiredred-epop.com) e/pop Web Conferencing with multi-party video is feature-laden, but its nicest feature may be the upfront, flat-fee pricing structure. (story)

February 20, 2004
Enter WiredRed's e/pop IM system, which let Bond Street Capital establish a private and secure IM network behind its firewall. The IM network could also be extended to lender banks... "It took 15 minutes to load the WiredRed server," Forman says. Forman says IM has largely displaced e-mail, and now comprises the majority of the company's electronic communications.

February, 2004
One firm that is using IM internally is direct-access trader Terra Nova Trading. Terry Regas, manager of the business development group at the Chicago-based firm, is using the e/pop system from WiredRed of San Diego, Calif. Regas says, "It's used across the organization to communicate sensitive information. As a result, if something is happening in the markets or there's an event taking place that could impact the markets, the information can be disseminated quickly."

Another firm using that system is Davenport & Company, a Richmond, Va.-based broker-dealer, which has been using IM for four years. Noting that the firm uses the medium strictly internally, Mike Eckler, vice president of information services, says, "We have it set up so the IT department can IM the entire company in seconds." It is used to notify personnel when an application is down or if there is a network outage. He adds that it prevents the call center from getting swamped with inquiries. Sales assistants also use it to send messages to their bosses when they are on the phone, to advise them of another call or pending meeting. As well, receptionists can use it to see who is in or out of the office.

An audit and reporting feature allows the firm to record and archive IMs to achieve compliance with U.S. securities regulators.

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